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Various Updates. Feedback and ideas are welcome!

What I am done and need to upload:

  • Tuar (was requested)

What I am currently working on:

  • A Seaworld Gene Pool informative poster, which I hope will be finished mid-late August. It’s a collaborative effort, and my half should be finished by the end of the month!
  • a portrait of Courtney Love (it’s coming along bad, I might scrap it)

What I have started and plan to work on after the top is finished:

  • Nalani and Keijo (request)
  • Kandu and Orkid
  • Asian elephant mother and calf

What I have not started but intend to do as soon as the above is finished:

  • portrait of Tina Fey
  • portrait of Amy Poehler
  • portrait of Aubrey Plaza
  • portrait of Kristen Wiig
  • Kayla and Nalani (request)
  • Unna Tuar and Ky (request)

Ideas I am contimplating

  • portrait of Tegan and Sara
  • painting of American Bison
  • portrait of Rachel Dratch
  • portrait of Patti Smith
Whale Requests



I have finally finished the first batch of requests, so I’m opening em up again!

I have already had three in the past I said I would do when I’m done, and on top of that, I will accept TEN more! One request per person, max three whales per drawing, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Try to request individuals I have not yet drawn, unless you really want me to draw a said orca again.

The list as of now [will add as I get requests] is 

  • Tuar [for anon]
  • Kalina [for Kalinasquared]
  • Kayla and Nalani [for lovingorcas]
  • Taima and Nyar [for darling-taima]
  • Earth [for littlestkaiju]
  • Blackberry [for seaworld-secrets]
  • Keiko [for bathe-the-whales]
  • Nalani and Keijo [nerdynalani]
  • Unna, Tuar, & Kyuquot [spnlytherin13]
  • Sumar [micharukaminari]
  • Kshamenk [anon]
  • Tilikum and Malia [Makaiooo]
  • Luna [freethecetaceans]

The pieces will be done in the same style as the last batch, and I will post the lineart as soon as it’s done, but colouring may take a while, as it did the last time.

pfft so much for same style! Im going to do some of these digital, since digital pieces are easier for me to upload

Reblogging this so I can look at the individuals.

also crossed out the ones I had done

4 left! Almost done haha