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What would be a good name for an etsy shop of mine?? It would mostly be vinyl with the occasional painting or drawing


My mom’s always bugging me to make more money, so I think I’m going to bug her to let me open an etsy shop, under her management (because I am under 18 unfortunately) 


How many of you would actually be interested in my work… or perhaps commissions??

So does everyone recommend etsy???

Like what if I have ONE painting and I only want to sell the original (like for vinyl) and not sell any duplicates or prints??? Still a good setup??? 

Would Paypal alone be best????

I would like some suggestions/help because this is a completely foreign area for me!

lovingorcas said: I just want to say me and my fiancé are absolutely in love with your vinyl paintings and were talking last night about how we hope you make them available for purchase (and maybe commissions) online soon cause we really want to purchase one.

Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them! 

Once I do enough that I feel like I can justify opening a shop I plan too, and I plan on opening up commissions for vinyl art for specific animals and pets and what have you. I’ll definitely make an announcement whenever I go that route, but I need to look more into paypal and everything beforehand.

Because October-Dec are typically busy between me doing christmas commissions and making christmas gifts I don’t think I’ll be making a shop until January but if I’m not so busy it might be next month or November!

Very glad you like my vinyl art <3

Giveaway is closed!

Last day to message me about the giveaway!


I’ll be gone all day but I’ll respond when I get home!