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Thinking about putting every captive orca who has died on a bristol board as sort of a wow thats a lot and kind of a memorial?

Have I ever shared my love for woodwork??? It’s an art in it’s own right! I absolutely love it, but due to my lack of tools and lumber I can only do it at school. I’ve built quite a few things in shop as assignments, and I’ve finished up both my years taking it early so I got free time! Last year I built a shelf. I actually took metalwork, so the shelf was my first thing built from metal and that might not have been the wisest choice given the fact it was mostly independent work but hey I got it done without losing a finger. It’s nothing fancy or too eye catching but it’s sturdy and does what I need it to do.

THIS YEAR however, after taking the woodworking course and learning how to use the tools (but still not knowing any proper names and referring to them as the ___ thingy) I made something I’m really proud of! A desk! It’s designed completely by me, for me, and for one purpose which is art! I still might get a piece of class cut to put on it but I mean I have no fucking clue when or if I will so it’s effectively finished haha. It’s got a really basic design and whatnot but I really like it and it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve every built (though m clay gremlin is a close second… and perhaps my hammer) and just I guess the fact it’s used for art ties it in with this blog?

Various Updates. Feedback and ideas are welcome!

What I am done and need to upload:

  • Tuar (was requested)

What I am currently working on:

  • A Seaworld Gene Pool informative poster, which I hope will be finished mid-late August. It’s a collaborative effort, and my half should be finished by the end of the month!
  • a portrait of Courtney Love (it’s coming along bad, I might scrap it)

What I have started and plan to work on after the top is finished:

  • Nalani and Keijo (request)
  • Kandu and Orkid
  • Asian elephant mother and calf

What I have not started but intend to do as soon as the above is finished:

  • portrait of Tina Fey
  • portrait of Amy Poehler
  • portrait of Aubrey Plaza
  • portrait of Kristen Wiig
  • Kayla and Nalani (request)
  • Unna Tuar and Ky (request)

Ideas I am contimplating

  • portrait of Tegan and Sara
  • painting of American Bison
  • portrait of Rachel Dratch
  • portrait of Patti Smith